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Here are the first steps on how to get involved:

Heading for Extinction and What to Do About It

XR talk “Heading for Extinction and What to Do About It”

0. Get informed

Listen to the talk “Heading for Extinction and What to Do About It”

We as a local group give a similar talk at irregular intervals. If you do not want to wait for the next talk, you can also watch this video. You will learn more about the background of the climate crisis, the ecological collapse and why extinction rebellion chooses the strategy of civil disobedience.

If you want to gain more knowledge about us, we can introduce ourselves at your organization/association/work place or if you know any room that we can use for the same, you can contact us via email at We would be glad if we can clarify doubts and answer your questions hence to be able to reach out to and inspire as many people interested in the same/similar cause.

1. Stay up to date

Inform yourself about what we are doing and where

We make announcements regarding different events at our Social Media channels and the Telegram info channel.

2. Get to know us

Join our open meetings or any other event

Our weekly open meetings takes place every Thursday at 7pm at Tacheles (Sternstraße 30, 39104 Magdeburg) or/and online. Here you can learn more about us and our structure, you can ask your questions and have the chance getting involved immediately, e.g. by organizing next events & actions.

You can find out about all other activities, introductory evenings, climate cafés and action trainings – which happen as and when required – in our calendar.

If you do not have time on Thursdays, or if you do not want to wait for the next event, you can contact us via email We will help you further with the first steps!

3. Join our actions

Rebel for life

If you get to know where and when the next action is coming up, there is only one thing left to do: Prepare yourself, come along, and have fun!

4. Put your ideas into practice

Shape the movement and join our local group

Get involved with your ideas in your local group or national working groups and actively shape the movement. Everyone can get involved and there is always something to do.

The structures of our local group are very flexible and you can choose where you want to help or what you want to start!

Just contact us personally or write a message and mention how you would like to get involved and which working group or task sounds interesting to you. Then we will add you to the local group's internal communication channels (Signal/Telegram, Mattermost) and you can get started right away!

5. Support us

Help with a material or financial donation

Our local group lives – above all – from the voluntary work of many motivated rebels. But this cannot be done without financial means, for instance for stickers, flyers, paint for banner paintings or other material for actions/events. But also fines resulting from our peaceful civil disobedience should be covered in solidarity.

We do need your support for all that!

Thus, if you have old sheets, t-shirts or other fabric, paint for painting, robust thin & long bamboo sticks for flags or financial resources that you would like to donate, please contact us!

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