48 billion Euros for the climate breakdown?

The campaign continues! Since the successful launch during the 28th Climate Change Conference in Dubai in december 2023, we have been on the streets several times. Inspired by the partial success in the Netherlands, we are continuing our campaign in Germany. Join us at the next actions on July 20 in Munich and August 3 in Berlin. Be there and join in!


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Our German government is pretending to be a climate protection pioneer abroad at the COPs while the exact opposite is happening at home in Berlin: every year our government subsidises the burning of oil, gas and coal with more than 48 billion Euros. In doing so, it continues to fuel the climate catastrophe with our tax money. We will no longer accept this and are calling to "Stop fossil fuel subsidies" in an act of civil disobedience!

Civil disobedience = deliberately breaking the rules to draw attention to a great injustice
Fossil = climate-damaging raw materials such as oil, gas, coal
Subsidies = state financial support to create advantages for industry

Want some examples?

The free allocation of CO₂ certificates (9 billion Euros) means that industry emits more climate-damaging CO2. Air travel is subsidised by exempting paraffin from energy tax (8.4 billion Euros) and large SUVs are brought onto the roads through the company car privilege (~ 4.3 billion Euros).

But no money for...

Through these subsidies, Germany is making fossil fuel companies even richer. There is supposedly no money for other support such as a basic child insurance scheme, social housing or the €49 public transport ticket.

A100 solidarity

In the transport sector alone, the state generously distributes more than 30 billion Euros a year from the bottom up. What we need is a real turnaround in the transport sector. In Berlin, for example, we are blocking at the Elsenbrücke because the A100 (city highway) is precisely the place for "business as usual" .

Support protests

All people should be able to participate and all forms of action towards a future worth living are equally important. This is why there will always be registered vigils not far from the action.

Do you have your own ideas that are more suited for a specially registered gathering? Get in touch with us.

“Netherlands stop fossil subsidies after Extinction Rebellion blockade”

– Watson

"Because climate change is not just about the weather. It's not just about statistics. It's about people. [...] People in the Global South did not cause the climate crisis, but they are facing the most severe impacts. This is the cruel reality of climate change. They can't tell their stories, talk about their experiences, because they are literally being erased from the picture."

Vanessa Nakate, climate activist from Uganda

We'll be back!

Our campaign started with COP28 in December 23 and will continue every few months. We are sticking to this logical demand and more and more people are joining us!

Netherlands as an example

In the Netherlands, a large alliance occupied the A12 motorway in The Hague every few months to demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Each time they grew in number. Most recently, over 25,000 people took part in the action. They blocked the A12 motorway daily and were successful: the parliament decided that fossil fuel subsidies must be stopped.The success in The Hague has shown what we can achieve with mass, peaceful protest.

EU Campaign United for climate justice

There are 413.4 billion euros for fossil fuel subsidies in the EU while the climate crisis continues to escalate! 2023 was the hottest summer in thousands of years. Eight European countries experienced the hottest year on record. And the EU? Governments are not aiming to change course. Subsidizing companies that fuel the climate crisis is irresponsible and criminal - it must stop NOW! That's why, inspired by the A12 blockades in the Netherlands, we are joining United for Climate Justice (UCJ) to plan collective action. We demand that the EU and its member states end all fossil fuel subsidies immediately!

Action imagery

  • Colourful - bring lots of creative flags from different groups
  • Approachable - there is a place for all action ranges at the action
  • Suitable for pregnancy - we remain peaceful and try to avoid any violence
  • Loud - drums are very welcome
  • Clear message - our banners and slogans focus on the demand "Stop fossil subsidies"

Join in!

Help out!

  • Invite family, acquaintances, friends to come along
  • Share the campaign on social media
  • Donate for the campaign
  • Join a participating group

Who is part of it?

Different groups are already part of our alliance Stop Fossil Subsidies! Your group wants to join in? What should all that money be used for instead of fossil subsidies? Get in touch!

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“We don't care whether you drive a car or eat meat sometimes. The most important thing is that you stand up for a better future with us!”

– Martin (27), climate activist