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Enough! Stop the destruction of our livelihoods!

Rebellion week from Monday, 5th of October / Main actions Mon 5th to Wed 7th.

#stopthedestruction #unitebehindthescience

Greenland's ice sheet is melting. The Amazon and the forests of Siberia are burning. Methane levels in the air are reaching record highs. And even on our doorstep the climate catastrophe has arrived: forests are dying faster than ever, water is becoming scarce, the meadows are withering away.

We have had enough!

You too?

👉 Action in Dannenröder Wald

👉 Actions in Berlin

Politicians go about their business as if nothing were wrong

As if it were not within their power to radically change course. As if we didn't have all the solutions we need. But since the Corona crisis we know politicians can, if they want to. It is only a question of priorities. And money and 'growth' is more important to our government than life itself.

You want to act? So do we! The news is scary, but you refuse to despair? So do we! Because despair does not change reality. And because it plays into the hands of those who want to make us believe that everything is too late anyway. That is not true! There is still so much to save.

There is so much worth rebelling for – for all the people you love. For all those who suffer most from the climate catastrophe, even though they have contributed the least. For animals and plants that are threatened with extinction. For the beauty of coral reefs, the majesty of mighty glaciers. For democracy and science, which are coming under increasing attack.

To save all this, we need you in Berlin on 5th of October and the rest of the week for the Bundestag session. We will listen to Members of Parliament and make them see that we have had enough: #stopthedestruction and act #unitebehindthescience as the basis!

At the same time we will protect the Dannenröder Wald, an old intact mixed forest, in the middle of a water protection area in Hesse. Parts of it are to be cleared for a motorway (A49), a symbol of the government's completely misguided environmental and climate policy. Together with our allies from the #WaldStattAsphalt alliance, we want to prevent this, but you can join the protests right away. Sleeping places are provided.

Corona Disclaimer

Wear a mask, keep your distance, follow the corona concept (more information to follow). We listen to the science!

Are you with us? Save the Date!

See you in Berlin or in the Dannenröder Wald, with rage & love (and a mask).

How does this work?

Why should I rebel?

Because it works. Some of the most important social achievements that we take for granted today are only possible thanks to people who have rebelled against the balance of power in their time. The climate crisis is man-made. This means that we humans can also stop it. Radical and peaceful protest promises the most success: even the smallest steps towards climate and environmental protection, such as the Federal Government's climate package, would be unthinkable without our actions. The biggest ones are even more so!

How can I participate?

It is quite simple. Just before the Rebellion Wave, online introductory evenings are offered - perfect for those who want to get started quickly. Alternatively you can join a local group in your area and/or attend an introductory event - an "onboarding". In addition, the national working groups are always looking for support. If you don't have time for preparation, you can also participate directly in activities.

What should I bring with me?

The most important thing is: Come to us - just the way you are! We are a multifaceted movement with people of all kinds. No matter whether you bring a lot or little time with you, whether you can contribute specialist knowledge and professional skills or not, you are always welcome. However, if you can contribute your helpful expertise to a particular Working Group or to the planning and implementation of activities - all the better!

What Covid-19 protection measures do you take?

In all our actions, participants wear mouth and nose protection and keep the necessary distances. We always monitor the infection rate and adjust the action to the current situation if necessary. It is very important to us to protect our fellow human beings and ourselves from corona.

How can I prepare myself?

If you are new, we recommend that you first go to one of our “onboardings” and attend one of our online introductory evenings. For more in-depth questions about preparing for action and civil disobedience, we have compiled extensive information on legal aspects. In the legal assistance brochure, for example, there are lots of tips on (un)registered assemblies, behaviour towards police, chalk graffiti or legal assistance.

Do I have to lock myself to something?

No. Our protest actions and blockades are very diverse. Peaceful civil disobedience, which includes chaining and sticking, but also sit-in blockades, is at the heart of our rebellion. Some rebels take part in it, others don’t. This is up to each individual. There is no coercion whatsoever, but all the more opportunities to participate.

Why not just join Fridays for Future on September 25th?

Many XR rebels will also be part of the climate strike. We are united in solidarity with Fridays for Future and organise joint actions. But Extinction Rebellion goes beyond mere demonstrations and strikes: with actions of non-violent civil disobedience, which are supposed to wake up decision makers in politics and economy.

Sebastian Höhn

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