'We Are All Made of Fire' Extinction Rebellion

International Rebellion

From October 7th we will rebel in Berlin and worldwide – join us!

Thousands of people will block the streets and squares in Berlin and other cities around the world. We are rebelling against extinction: peaceful, creative, colorful and determined! We disrupt the daily routine that destroys our livelihood. We continue the protest until all governments respond appropriately.

Join us and rebel for life!

Blocking Berlin

We face an unprecedented global crisis

It is time to take action

The scientific facts are clear: With climate breakdown and species extinction, our ecosystems worldwide are about to collapse. There is not much time left to stop the destruction of our livelihoods. If we fail, our future and that of our children and grandchildren will be suffering, hunger, flight and death. Governments of the world have been inactive for decades, even though they know the facts. Together we have to make them act now!

Nonviolent change

Through civil disobedience

Regular political means such as protests or elections are not enough or take too long. Extinction Rebellion relies on mass and peaceful civil disobedience, as this is the fastet way to achieve sustainable social and political change. Gandhi, Mandela and the civil rights movements in the USA and the GDR have shown this.

Take responsibility

Join us in Berlin

Face the truth and act now. Join us. Free yourself from work. Be a part of the peaceful, creative and colorful actions and blockades from the 7th of October. Together and determined, we stand for a livable future, rebel, celebrate and mourn!
The whole week. Or longer. As long as it is necessary.


Ask your friends, bring your family, inform people in your city, neighbourhood, in the club or at work. We need all of you!

Social Media: StickerChallenge

You find a sticker of Extinction Rebellion in your area? Or have you found a good spot yourself? Post a photo of the sticker on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with #BerlinBlockieren. The most creative messages will be shared.

By the way, there is a lot going on on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Check #BerlinBlockieren!

Posters, Flyers and Stickers can be found on the german site

Wifi Challenge

Rename your Wifi to "Extinction Rebellion Loves You" – better visibility than stickers and can't be taken down 👻

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