01 - Preparation For The Action

What legal consequences can participation in Extinction Rebellion actions have? Which rights do I have and what is the police allowed to do? How do I react if there are legal proceedings against me? Find answersto these and similar questions in our legal advice booklet. We warmly recommend to read this thouroughly before participating in actions.

Communication with the police

When you do civil disobedience you often come into contact with the police. This document would like to give you some tips & ideas on how you can communicate with police officers and transport the open XR spirit without endangering yourself or your fellow rebels.

02 - After The Action

If you participated in an action and receive a letter from the police or prosecution afterwards - please contact the XR Legal Team! You are not alone. We will give you advice on how to deal with the situation, put you in touch with others and inform you about options to get financial support for legal cost. We can also help you to try and get your data deleted if your fingerprints/fotos have been taken. You can reach us via email (legalteam@extinctionrebellion.de - please encrypt if possible) or Wire (@xrlegalde).

Who already received a letter concerning a criminal proceeding or a non-compliance procedure of any XR action in Germany, or who count on one: Please do not respond to summons or hearing summons of the police. You do not have to, and from experience we can say that it will rather harm than benefit you. Please also get in contact with us, because we would like to connect you to others who are in a similar situation. Together, we will discuss possibilities to deal with the repression. We are in contact with solidary lawyers, who already stated their willingness to support us and who have experience with such processes. 

Please share this information with those you know are also affected. If you are organized in an affinity group, it is sufficient if one of you gets in contact with us.

Nobody should be left alone. We stand united!

Challenge penal oder

In the event that you have received a penal order and want to appeal, we have prepared a sample letter for you.

Use this Hashtag -> #RebelsImRecht. Our name is @XR_Legal!
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