12 Okt 2023
Auswärtiges Amt, Werderscher Markt 1, 10117 Berlin

When? 12.10. 4pm

Where? 4pm: Auswärtiges Amt, Werderscher Markt 1, 10117 Berlin // 5pm: Humbolt Forum, Schloßpl. 1, 10178 Berlin

There is nothing to celebrate! Since the genocide by the Spanish occupation of Abya Yala, official history from 1492 until today is written with the blood of Native peoples all over the world. Colonialism never ended – it continues to generate death and exploitation, imposing a falsely „civilising“ model of economic and cultural „development“, embodied in the extractivist structure of global racial capitalism.

The 12th of October in Spain and other countries is a public holiday, celebrated in ways that whitewash the European assault, plunder, and genocide of the Americas that began with the so-called „discovery“ by Christopher Columbus. As the Zapatistas remind us, „We will not give up. Our bodies as our territories are neither yesterday nor today territories of conquest.“ 533 years after Columbus’ violent arrival: we stand in global solidarity with Indigenous resistance and echo their words! 

On Thursday, October 12th at 4pm, we gather in Berlin for a decentralized international action that responds to the call of the National Indigenous Congress of Mexico (CNI) to unite against ongoing colonial adversity. Protesting from the Auswaertiges Amt to the Humboldt Forum, we condemn Germany’s neocolonial complicity. The Berlin Conference violently split up Africa, while the current Humboldt Forum and its „artefacts“ symbolize and romanticize European colonial plunder. Germany today is silencing and criminalizing activists, militarizing its borders and violating the rights of migrants, exploiting Central America through „development“ projects like the Tren Maya, and extracting resources, land, and labor all across the Global South.  

Yet the history from 1492 until today is also one of resistance: we are revolutionaries against pharaohs and kings, against landlords and rulers; we are guerillas and strikers; we reclaim the land and our bodies; we are our rebllious ancestors and territories. Despite individual differences, our commitment to resisting domination unites us. In Berlin, we come together as an anti-colonial coalition of groups and individuals. Join us to demand: 

Stop the expropriation, plunder, and destruction of nature by big global corporations and corporate states!

Stop racism, fascism, and the imposition of military and industrial borders. Migration is not a crime!  

Stop the war of extermination against the ZAPATISTA, KURDISH, SAHRAWI, PALESTINIAN pueblos and all pueblos of the Global South who struggle and resist for a dignified life in solidarity!

Stop trans*feminicide! Respect for diversity and gender dissidence! 

Truth and justice for our disappeared and murdered! 

Freedom for political prisoners!

For dignified housing and a dignified life, an end to gentrification and predatory tourism!

For an anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, anti-racist and anti-imperialist struggle. Another world is possible! 


Initiated by "Initiative 12.10." & "El Sur Resiste Berlin"

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Initiative 12.10. & El Sur Resiste Berlin


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