Extinction Rebellion is a politically non-partisan international movement that uses non-violent direct action to persuade governments to act justly on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Our Actions

Creatively and with civil disobedience we want to put pressure on politics and economy to fight against the climate and ecological emergency. Whether with blockades, art actions, debates or demonstrations.

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Our demands

  1. Tell the truth!
    The government must disclose the existential threat to the ecological crisis and declare a climate emergency. All political decisions that stand in the way of overcoming the climate crisis will be revised. The government, the media and all other social institutions must communicate how urgently a change is needed and what every individual, every community and every company can contribute.
  2. Act now!
    The government must act now to reduce man-made greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025. The extinction of species must be stopped and ecological overexploitation must be curbed and - if possible - reversed by all means. The central goal of society in the future is to stabilize the Earth's climate and ecosystems in such a way that they provide a safe home for all people and all species.
  3. Beyond politics!
    Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice. Find out more about Citizens' Assemblies

Our local group

We meet regularly in plenary sessions, in working groups(AGs) or also at events or actions.

We have 7 big "mother" working groups: Community AG, Outreach AG, Medien(Media) AG, Aktions(Action) AG, Strategie(Strategy) AG, Struktur(Structure) AG and Legal AG

A complete overview of the structure can be found on the AG Overview page.

And if you want to participate, just have a look at the "Join us!" page.

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