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Together we can make a difference! And everyone is needed, whether in action, cooking or singing.

Long-term Roles

You have capacities for a longer-term role even beyond the Herbst Rebellion? Great, then take a look at the "participation center" (german):

Short-term Roles

Take on a role before or during the Herbst Rebellion!

Help Spontaneously via the Telegram channel

🖐🏽 On the Telegram channel, people can find small tasks to help in the Herbst Rebellion from Sept. 17-20 behind the scenes with a manageable time commitment. Join us all if you have time to help!

🕰 There will be regular tasks posted that should be done either remotely or on-site in Berlin in advance of the Herbst Rebellion in September. We will also be regularly posting tasks that will come up during the days of action in Berlin.

If you want to take on a task, feel free to comment on the channel or get in touch via Telegram to the contact

Take on a role

Just enter what roles you could imagine and we would write to you about a specific task.

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ᴮ = For these roles you have to be in Berlin
If you want to help in another way just write it in the field. :)
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  • Thank you for joining us.

    We have a world to save! 💚